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activate your inner powers + let your true self shine

The Chakra Kids are whimsical superhero characters on a mission! They were created to help you realize you have unique inner powers and the strength to overcome challenges and follow your heart.

Each Chakra Kid embodies the characteristics of one of the 7 chakras from the ancient Chakra system and is designed to help you explore and improve in certain areas of your life.  Their names, personality, powers, clothing, spirit animal, color palette and lessons to teach are all inspired by aspects of the specific chakra they represent.

The Chakra Kids demonstrate the magic in being yourself, sharing your gifts with others and working together to help make the world a better place.

They’re your guides along a rainbow pathway to discover your best self and live your happiest life.

MeeT tHe CHaKra Kids



Mula is trustworthy, dependable and down-to-earth. She loves nature and is often found making potions with the earth materials she finds on her explorations. Mula can sometimes feel so settled that she doesn’t take action to explore something new.

BIRTHDAY: January 27


ARCHETYPE: Earth Child, Storyteller



SPIRIT ANIMAL: Avani the Elephant

MAGIC TOOL: Medicine Pouch

MAGIC POWER: Grows roots that ground people to the earth whenever they need to feel safe.



Adi is loyal, patient and hardworking. He loves outdoor adventures like camping and hiking to discover new terrain. Adi sometimes gets so determined to finish a project, that it’s hard for him to take a break to rest. You can often find him building something with materials he’s found on his explorations.

BIRTHDAY: January 1




SPIRIT ANIMAL: Bhumi the Turtle


MAGIC POWER: Can break through any obstacles with his shovel, or place obstacles when people need to be patient.


Mula and Adi are your guides to feeling grounded and balanced. They help you calm your fears when you’re scared, feel at home wherever you are, love your body, and remember who you are at your core.

When you get to know Mula and Adi as your guides, you feel comfortable to be away from home, you feel safe to share how you feel with your family, you love your body and don’t compare how you look to others, you don’t feel guilty when you practice self-care, you know how to feel safe and comfort yourself, feel connected to your culture and ancestors.

  • CHAKRA + LOCATION: Root/Muladhara; Base of Spine
  • ELEMENT: Earth
    Home & Family Life, Loving your Body, Physical Health (nutrition, sleep, exercise), Self-Care, Comfort, Grounding, Security, Safety, Belonging, Trust
red mandala

What it feels like when your root chakra is balanced:

  • You feel safe and secure at home
  • Feel like you have enough of what you need in life
  • Healthy body image
  • Feel like you belong
  • You’re grounded; connected to the earth
  • Getting along with your parents, siblings
  • Feel connected to your culture and ancestors

What it feels like when it's out of balance:

  • Scared or Fearful
  • Poor body image
  • Feel uncomfortable in body
  • Insecure with basic needs in life
  • You don’t feel like you belong
  • Sluggish or lazy, not wanting to try new things
  • Issues with family
  • Not comfortable in your home

some good times to bring mula + adi with you in spirit:

You’re taking a trip, starting a new school, or move to a new place; When you’re feeling scared, unsettled, sick, overwhelmed or like you don’t belong; When something violent or scary happens in the world.


Balancing Tools

  • CRYSTALS: Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Hematite, Red Jasper, Obsidian
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Patchouli, Frankincense
  • FLOWERS: Poppy, Cactus Flower
  • AFFIRMATIONS: I belong. I am safe. I am secure. I am grounded.
  • YOGA POSES: Child, Mountain, Tree


Svadi is passionate, optimistic and creative. Sometimes Svadi can be indecisive and create drama out of things. She loves the ocean and is often surfing on her magic board or hanging out with her friends.

BIRTHDAY: March 14


ARCHETYPE: Free Spirit, Hedonist



SPIRIT ANIMAL: Leela the Whale

MAGIC TOOL: Surfboard

MAGIC POWER: Creates waves that flow in and removes anything rigid or stuck.



Nanda is laidback, funny and artistic. He loves laughing, being with his best friends and designing clothes and styling hair with his magic scissors.  Nanda will sometimes get so involved with what he’s doing, that he forgets he has other plans.  You can often find him working on an art project or daydreaming about a new one.

BIRTHDAY: December 5


ARCHETYPE: Artist, Friend



SPIRIT ANIMAL: Mital the Lizard

MAGIC TOOL: Scissors

MAGIC POWER: Can cut through any tension and create solutions to problems with his scissors.


Svadi and Nanda are your guides to feeling carefree and creative. They help you go with the flow, release your worries, how to accept and embrace change, see things in new ways, to find your true friends and build positive friendships and to follow your passions.

When you get to know Svadi and Nanda as your guides, you don’t stress when plans change, you’re able to relax and play without feeling guilty, you know who your true friends are and you don’t worry about spending time with people you can’t be yourself around.

  • CHAKRA + LOCATION: Sacral/Svadisthana; Pelvis
  • ELEMENT: Water
  • SHADOW EMOTION: Anxiety/Worry
    Friendships, Positivity, Passion, Creativity, Flow, Fun
orange mandala

What it feels like when your sacral chakra is balanced:

  • You’re flexible and able to go with the flow
  • Connected to your creativity
  • Can imagine new possibilities and are open to change
  • Getting along with your friends
  • Able to be carefree and not worried what others think
  • Able to have fun and be silly
  • You are cheerful and optimistic
  • You’re a good friend

What it feels like when it's out of balance:

  • You have trouble dealing with change
  • You’re easily frustrated
  • You feel worried or anxious
  • Trouble relaxing and having fun
  • You're having conflict with your friends

some good times to bring svadi + nanda with you in spirit:

When a lot of things are changing at once; When you’re feeling anxious or uptight; When you’re having a tough time with your friendships; When you want to feel playful and carefree.


Balancing Tools

  • CRYSTALS: Carnelian, Amber, Tangerine Quartz, Sunstone
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Bergamot, Cinnamon, Wild Orange
  • FLOWERS: Daffodil, Marigold
  • AFFIRMATIONS: I am carefree. I am creative. I go with the flow. I am playful.
  • YOGA POSES: Dancing Warrior, Hip circles, Dancer, Side Angle


Mani is bold, adventurous and loves being in charge. She’s very goal-oriented and always working on a project. Mani is a perfectionist and can get really angry when things don’t come out the way she wanted. Mani is a good athlete, likes extreme sports and is always up for trying something new.






SPIRIT ANIMAL: Ravi the Tiger

MAGIC TOOL: Fire staff

MAGIC POWER: Wields fire to blaze a path towards your goals; Extraordinary strength



Jai is strong, confident and brave. He loves all kinds of sports, adventures and anything that builds his inner fire. Jai likes to work on his own, and can sometimes be a bit bossy when you’re working with him on a project. You can often find him practicing a new skateboarding trick or training for some extreme sporting event.

BIRTHDAY: November 15





SPIRIT ANIMAL: Kali the Jaguar

MAGIC TOOL: Skateboard

MAGIC POWER: Can travel at extraordinary speed with his skateboard.


Mani and Jai are your guides to feeling strong and motivated. They help you feel confident, gain courage to try new things and reach your goals, and how to anger when the fiery feelings get too intense.

When you get to know Mani and Jai as your guides, you are able to work towards your goals and reach them step by step, you’re able to overcome challenges without letting them get you down, you’re not afraid to try new things.

    Solar Plexus/Manipura; upper belly
  • ELEMENT: Fire
    Inner Strength, Resilience, Goals, Discipline, Power, Motivation, Confidence
yellow mandala

What it feels like when your solar plexus chakra is balanced:

  • You feel comfortable taking risks
  • You feel confident
  • You have courage to try new things
  • You’re outgoing
  • You feel powerful
  • You’re disciplined
  • Take action towards your goals

What it feels like when it's out of balance:

  • You get angry easily
  • You don’t feel confident
  • You don’t feel like it’s possible to reach your goals
  • You question your abilities
  • You feel weak
  • It’s hard to be disciplined

some good times to bring mani + jai with you in spirit:

When you need confidence to try something new or take a risk; When you’re working towards a goal; When you need grit and resilience to get through a challenge; When you need courage and a boost of energy to make things happen; When you need the confidence to take action and the strength to rise above challenges.


Balancing Tools

  • CRYSTALS: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite, Fire Agate, Golden Quartz
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Grapefruit, Lemon
  • FLOWERS: Sunflower, Dandelion
  • AFFIRMATIONS: I am strong. I am confident. I am powerful. I reach my goals.
  • YOGA POSES: Warrior 1, 2, 3, Chair, Boat


Ana is loving, kind and peaceful, gentle. Ana can sometimes be taken advantage of and get her feelings hurt because of her willingness to give everyone a second chance. She loves volunteering, taking care of animals, creating handmade gifts and looking for ways to bring more love into the world.

BIRTHDAY: October 8


ARCHETYPE: Caretaker



SPIRIT ANIMAL: Bhakti the Wolf

MAGIC TOOL: Basket of Love

MAGIC POWER: Can create peace between people and creatures using a Love vapor.



Kama is kind, compassionate and non-judgmental. Kama is a good team player and he’s someone you could always feel comfortable turning to for support whenever you’re not feeling your best. Since Kama always wants to help, he can take it personally and get his feelings hurt if someone doesn’t want his support when he offers it. You can often find him baking a treat for someone or playing soccer with his friends.






SPIRIT ANIMAL: Prema the Fox


MAGIC POWER: Reflects people’s true, best self to them with his mirror


Ana and Kama are your guides to feeling love and compassion. They help you be kind and include others, how to practice gratitude, see the best in yourself and others, love and accept yourself, calm feelings of jealousy and comparing and feel inspired to make the world a better place.

When you get to know Ana and Kama as your guides, you love yourself for who you are, you forgive yourself for mistakes and you feel grateful for what you have. You don’t focus on things you don’t have and you go out of your way to help others because you know it makes them happy and helps you feel good too.

  • CHAKRA + LOCATION: Heart/Anahata; heart center
  • ELEMENT: Air
  • SHADOW EMOTION: Jealousy
    Self-love, Kindness, Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Contentment, Service
green mandala

What it feels like when your heart chakra is balanced:

  • You love yourself
  • Forgive self and others for mistakes
  • You accept yourself for who you are
  • You feel grateful for what you have
  • You’re able to help others get along
  • You spread kindness to others

What it feels like when it's out of balance:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Hard to forgive self and others
  • Feel jealous of what others have
  • You compare yourself with others
  • Feelings are easily hurt

some good times to bring ana + kama with you in spirit:

When you need lots of love; When you need support loving and accepting yourself; When you want help spreading kindness; When you’re healing from a loss; When you want to feel happy with what you have in your life


Balancing Tools

  • CRYSTALS: Rose Quartz, Jade, Green Aventurine, Malachite, Rhodonite
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Rose, Geranium, Magnolia
  • FLOWERS: Rose, Geranium, Magnolia
    I love myself. I accept myself. I am kind. I am grateful.
  • YOGA POSES: Puppy, Bridge, Wheel


Vishu is honest, outspoken and a great listener. She loves writing and singing songs, and is an activist who always has a cause she’s fighting for. At times, Vishu can be so truthful that she can hurt people’s feelings without meaning to. Vishu loves writing and singing songs, playing ukulele and can easily learn other instruments. You can often find her singing out loud while she’s learning to play a new instrument or working on a new campaign for the topic she’s most passionate about.

BIRTHDAY: September 15


ARCHETYPE: Networker, Activist



SPIRIT ANIMAL: Riya the Hawk


MAGIC POWER: Shoots out sound waves that create a truth serum and restores voice in people.



Akash is honest, fair and a great listener. He loves writing, listening to and making music. Akash sometimes has an easier time expressing his feelings through his music than when talking to others. You can often find him listening to music in his headphones, or working on a new song.






SPIRIT ANIMAL: Satya the Butterfly

MAGIC TOOL: Headphones

MAGIC POWER: Can get people to quiet down and listen fully with his headphones.


Vishu and Akash are your guides to help you express your true self, communicate positively, share your opinions and stand up for what you believe in.

When you get to know Vishu and Akash as your guides, you have the courage to speak up for how you feel and to stand up for others. You feel comfortable to express your individuality with your personal style. You know how to share your feelings with others in a way that helps them understand, you know how to peacefully resolve conflict when it comes up. You don’t hold your true feelings inside.

  • CHAKRA + LOCATION: Throat/Vishuddha; throat center
  • ELEMENT: Sound
  • CORE THEMES + CONCEPTS: Speaking your Truth, Positive communication, Leadership, Self-expression, Listening, Activism
blue mandala

What it feels like when your throat chakra is balanced:

  • You’re truthful and honest
  • You listen to others when they speak
  • You have courage to share your opinions
  • You communicate well with others
  • You feel safe to express yourself

What it feels like when it's out of balance:

  • You gossip or talk about others in a negative way
  • You use negative self-talk
  • You don’t tell the truth; you lie about things
  • Don’t share your opinions or ideas
  • You’re disrespectful with your words
  • You don’t communicate with others well

some good times to bring vishu + akash with you in spirit:

When you need courage to share your voice; When you’re preparing to perform or speak in front of others; When you feel embarrassed or shy; you want peaceful communication, important speech or communication coming up, connect with your true voice, want to get your message across clearly.


Balancing Tools

  • CRYSTALS: Turquoise, Topaz, Kyanite, Angelite, Blue Lace Agate, Chrysocolla, Amazonite
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Peppermint, Lime, Eucalyptus
  • FLOWERS: Snapdragon, Hydrangea
  • AFFIRMATIONS: I am honest. I speak my truth. I listen to others. I am expressive.
  • YOGA POSES: Camel, Fish, Neck circles


Ajna is intuitive, intelligent and gives great advice. She enjoys being alone sometimes more than she likes to be around others. She sometimes feels overwhelmed by her deep thoughts and emotions. Ajna enjoys meditating, doing yoga and spending time writing in her journal.



ARCHETYPE: Counselor, Seeker




MAGIC TOOL: Mala Necklace and Yoga Mat

MAGIC POWER: Can read minds and understand people’s underlying motives for their words and behaviors.



Rishi is curious, self-aware and insightful. He loves having deep conversations, asking big questions and learning as much as he can about everything! Rishi is sometimes so excited about sharing his knowledge, that he’ll try to teach you something even if you don’t ask. You can often find him reading, taking notes in his journal, or planning an elaborate science experiment.

BIRTHDAY: Jaune 23


ARCHETYPE: Intellect, Detective



SPIRIT ANIMAL: Bhava the Bat

MAGIC TOOL: Journal of Knowledge

MAGIC POWER: Can access all the world’s knowledge with his journal.


Ajna and Rishi are your guides to learning mindfulness and managing your emotions. They help you calm your mind, build your self-awareness, listen to your inner voice and live in the present moment.

When you get to know Ajna and Rishi as your guides, you know how to calm your mind whenever it feels chaotic or your thoughts are racing. You know how to listen to your inner voice and not be swayed by other people’s opinions. When you feel different emotions, you know the right strategy to use to balance it.

  • CHAKRA + LOCATION: Third Eye/Ajna; in between eyebrows
  • ELEMENT: Light
    Calm & clear mind, Emotions, Intuition, Mindfulness, Reflection, Self-awareness
indigo mandala

What it feels like when your third eye chakra is balanced:

  • Your mind feels calm
  • You can think clearly
  • Feel relaxed
  • You follow your intuition
  • You’re open-minded

What it feels like when it's out of balance:

  • You overthink
  • You have negative thoughts
  • You judge yourself and others
  • You can block out the opinions of others
  • You have trouble listening to your inner voice

some good times to bring ajna + rishi with you in spirit:

When you want to calm your mind; When you’re having trouble tuning out other people’s opinions; When you need inner peace in a chaotic, outside environment.


Balancing Tools

  • CRYSTALS: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Celestite, Sapphire
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Lavender, Chamomile, Sandalwood
  • FLOWERS: Moonflower, Violet
  • AFFIRMATIONS: I am calm. I am peaceful. I am mindful. I am present.
  • YOGA POSES: Pigeon, Downward Dog, Seated Forward Fold


Rara is imaginative and highly sensitive. She enjoys fantasy and daydreaming. Since Rara is so sensitive, she can take on negative energies of others which weakens her powers for a time. Rara enjoys fantasy, daydreaming and she has a special gift for reading tarot cards and helping people envision their futures.

BIRTHDAY: August 1


ARCHETYPE: Dreamer, Magician



SPIRIT ANIMAL: Asha the Unicorn

MAGIC TOOL: Wand and Crystal Ball

MAGIC POWER: Can create magic with her wand and help dreams come true; Can see into the future with her crystal ball.



Taj is wise, visionary and imaginative.  He loves astronomy, crystals and reading books about fantasy and magic. Since Taj learns and sees things in a unique way, it can sometimes make him feel misunderstood and lonely. You can often find him exploring his crystal collection, on a quest to find a new one, or playing his sound bowls.



ARCHETYPE: Visionary, Mystic



SPIRIT ANIMAL: Padma the Pegasus

MAGIC TOOL: Crystal Sound Bowl

MAGIC POWER: Helps people believe in and manifest their dreams with the sound waves from his crystal bowl.


Rara and Taj are your guides to following your dreams and using your imagination. They help you believe anything is possible and that you can make your dreams a reality. They help you envision your future and bring it into reality, and how to see your interconnectedness with others and the world.

When you get to know Rara and Taj as your guides, you know that your dreams are important. You believe that you have the power to make things happen in your life and you don’t think there are limits to what you can do.

  • CHAKRA + LOCATION: Crown/Sahasrara; top of head
  • ELEMENT: Space
  • SHADOW EMOTION: Loneliness
  • CORE THEMES + CONCEPTS: Hopes & Dreams, Imagination, Unity, Possibility, Vision, Faith, Interconnectedness, Manifestation, Spirituality
purple mandala

What it feels like when your crown chakra is balanced:

  • You feel hopeful
  • You enjoy being imaginative
  • You feel connected to your wishes and dreams
  • You believe anything is possible
  • Feel unity; connection to others
  • See what’s the same in people not what’s different

What it feels like when it's out of balance:

  • You feel lonely
  • You feel disconnected to others
  • You notice all the things that are different from yourself and others
  • You don’t believe you can reach your dreams
  • You question your beliefs and faith
  • You have trouble using your imagination

some good times to bring rara + taj with you in spirit:

When you want to connect with your imagination; When you need help following your dreams; When you want to feel lonely or disconnected; When you want to believe in what you can’t see yet in reality.


Balancing Tools

  • CRYSTALS: Amethyst, Moonstone, Labradorite, Lepidolite
  • ESSENTIAL OILS: Ylang Ylang, Jasmine
  • FLOWERS: Orchid, Lily
  • AFFIRMATIONS: I follow my dreams. I am imaginative. I am hopeful.
  • YOGA POSES: Meditation, Resting, Legs up wall

SRi and DeVi

sri and dragon

Sri and Devi are the goddess spirits + master teachers of the Chakra Kids. They teach them how to bring their inner powers to life, and guide them as they build their magic powers.

They’re your guides to building your personal toolkit and set of practices to help you live your life as your best, true self.

They help you take all of the teachings of the Chakra Kids and incorporate them into your life in a way that fits for you. They are mirrors of the potential we all have to bring our inner powers to life and live in the world as our best, true, happiest selves.

rainbow animals

chakra kids story

Early in their lives, the kids each realized they had a special strength. Their gifts were tested when a life challenge presented itself. Each child had to go on a challenging journey to overcome it. In doing so, they didn’t know it at the time, but each activated a magic power from within themself.

The chosen group were then brought together in a dream world by the goddess spirits Sri and Devi, to learn their destinies and train as happiness guides for all children around the world.

Sri and Devi taught the kids about the colorful worlds of the chakras, their unique roles, how to work together and how to use their powers responsibly to help others.

Now, the Chakra Kids travel the globe as a tribe of gypsies, going where they’re needed to help other children strengthen their inner powers and let their true selves shine.

cHaKra Kids MaNifesTo

CM - AllChakraKids-nobg-01

I am confident.
I believe in myself.
I accept myself.
I am creative.
I am passionate.
I go with the flow.
I am strong.
I am brave.
I don’t give up.
I love myself.
I am grateful.
I am kind.
I speak my truth.
I ask for what I need.
I listen to others.
I follow my heart.
I express my emotions.
I am mindful.
I am imaginative.
I reach for my dreams.
I believe anything is possible.

We are Chakra Kids.
We celebrate our differences.
We use our unique gifts to support each other.
We unite our powers to change the world.


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a note from the creator...

Things like learning to like yourself and get along with other people can be really hard. So, I started to wonder why they weren’t being taught in the same way as something like math or science and devoted myself to bringing this kind of learning into the limelight.

When I learned about the chakras and yoga, I discovered an important lesson that changed my life – that all parts of ourselves are worthy- the good, bad, happy, sad, things that come easy and those that are hard. Now, I want to help as many people as I can realize this too.

I think of the chakras as their own worlds of wisdom and magic. Together, they create a roadmap to happiness. I created the Chakra Kids as a way to share this magic with you – to help you feel happy, healthy, strong and like it’s ok to be yourself in the world.

I’ve come to know these characters as friends and it’s my hope that you will too. They’re your guides to remind you that the power to live a life of your dreams is already inside you.

xx Carly

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