ChaKra Kids

Empowerment Journey

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Raising a tWeen?

But...worried that you’re constantly doing the wrong thing?

(And terrified that you’re making mistakes that can’t be un-done?)


If you want to arm yourself with the tools, resources and support you need to help guide your tween to grow into the magnificent person you’ve always wanted them to be, then the Chakra Kids Empowerment Journey is the program of your dreams!


Chakra Kids

Empowerment Journey


The program draws on the inspiration of the chakra system, providing a modern interpretation of the ancient framework for personal growth in a way that is accessible and relevant to the lives of children today.

Kids on the journey will visit each of the chakras and develop techniques to make them a permanent cornerstone for their emotional development and wellbeing throughout their life. 

Module Icon 1 - Red

for self-care

CM - Module Icons V02 Updated Girls_Module Icon 2 - Orange

for friendship

Module Icon 3 - Yellow

for confidence

CM - Module Icons V02 Updated Girls_Module Icon 4 - Green

for self-love

Module Icon 5 - Blue

for communication

CM - Module Icons V02 Updated Girls_Module Icon 6 - Indigo

for inner peace

Module Icon 7 - Purple

for dreams

CM - Module Icons V02 Updated Girls_Module Icon 8 - Rainbow


loads more fun

and personal growth (for you and your Tween!)

ChaKra Kids

Empowerment Journey


is exactly what you need.


Ready to step up and raise an in-tune, fully present kid?

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